With focused practice and the right instruction,
Anyone can learn to play music!

Trevor Dimoff-professional saxophone and music teacher with over 25 years experience

What I do differently…

  • I break down complicated things into steps that anyone can follow.
  • We’ll talk and come up with manageable goals that you can meet.
  • I know how to help you find the music in you and to play music that you want to hear.
  • I can help you play for fun, play in a band, write your own music or get ready to apply to a university or college music program.
Trevor Dimoff-alto saxophone by fence

Why learn from me?

I’ve taught music professionally for over 25 years, including:

  • Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Ukulele
  • Jazz Improvisation, Songwriting, Music Composition, Music Theory
  • Band and Elementary Classroom Music


I know what it takes to play in front of others:

I’ve played in big bands, rock bands, blues bands, my own jazz bands and even tenor saxophone with Symphony Nova Scotia.

I’ve taught thousands of students
in one on one lessons
and in my elementary music & band music programs...

Some of my YouTube Saxophone videos

Trevor Dimoff-professional music teacher-headshot

Trevor Dimoff


Bachelor of Music (Dalhousie University)

Bachelor of Education (Acadia University)

Master of Music (University of Calgary)


Professional Affiliations

Canadian Federation of Musicians


Nova Scotia Teachers Union, music and band teacher

Carl Orff Canada, Orff Specialist