I didn't plan to be a music teacher...

First I was going to be a professional saxophonist,

Then I thought I’d make it as a full time composer…

But while I was studying in university, I started teaching private lessons.

It was obvious later, but it took me a while to realize that my zone of genius was teaching music.

Yes, I can play and write and compose music… but I’m even better at teaching it to others.

I’ve taught music professionally, from kindergarten to university levels for the past 25+ years.

What do you want to learn? 

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Trevor Dimoff-playing alto saxophone by warning sign

Trevor Dimoff


Bachelor of Music (Dalhousie University)

Bachelor of Education (Acadia University)

Master of Music (University of Calgary)


Professional Affiliations

Canadian Federation of Musicians


Nova Scotia Teachers Union, music and band teacher

Carl Orff Canada, Orff Specialist