Guilt Riddled Addiction:

Verse 1

Feel I’ve got a tremble,

See I’ve got a shake.

Sweat the coming jitters off with

Just a little taste.

Squint eyes sore and tired,

Tongue is tied and dry.

Troubles move so far away when

I’m a little high!



Feel the pain…Tremble.

Not again…Tremble

Tremble…in anticipation.


Verse 2

Taste of guilt and envy,

How did I get here?

Wash the blood off my hands and

Give away my fear.

Sold it to the Devil that

Waltzes me to death,

Numbs me to the memories and

Swallows my regret….




Verse 3

How did I wake up here? Why

Do I feel like shit?

What will I have to do to

Get another hit?

Don’t’ see how to quit this,

Take away the crave.

Guess I’ll still be doing this

Dancing in my grave.



What do you think about it?