Need Your Love



Need your love….


Verse 1

Baby, you feed my burning fire.

Single glance from you, sends my temperature higher.

Baby, I’m a moth to your flame.

Strange things happen to me when you say my name.


Need your love….


Verse 2

Baby, I need your soft embrace.

Need to feel the warm of your face.

Help to complete me, help me to see,

Who I really am, how strong I can be!


Need your love….



We both know what it takes, and how it feels.

I’m your Clark Kent, your Man of Steel.

You can be my Lois Lane, my Wonder Woman, too.

Activate your super powers, you know what to do!


Need your love….


Verse 3

Baby, show me all that you are.

Show me how to be, be my guiding star.

Uncloud my judgement, fill my head with light.

Clean out my ears and give me second sight!


Need your love….


What do you think about it?