Maybe It’s You

Maybe It’s You

For those that create their own troubles and then blame others for the nonsense they cause.

© Trevor Dimoff, 2017


Intro: Pickup + 8 bars

Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s you


Verse 1:

Ever wonder why your friends don’t come around

Why no one ever calls you back?

Could it be your trashy attitude or your dirty looks?

People aren’t as dumb as you say….

What you need to do is to learn to doubt yourself:



Maybe it’s you? Maybe it’s you.

Could have been you, or maybe it’s you?

There’s one thing to consider, there’s one thing we both know

It was you. It was you!


Verse 2:

Your lack of luck in life is easy to read

As you complain your life away.

Can’t win at life if you choose not to play.

You always fail if you never try….

This is all your problem, you caused this to yourself:





Meeting you was dumb luck. Time to smarten up.

Misery loves company so I’ll leave you to yourself.

One plus one makes too much. That’s why we are through!






Last Chorus

It was you. It was you.

Could have been you ‘cus it was you.

There’s one thing left to say… it’s what I wish I knew:

It was you. It was you.

It was you. (It was you….)


© Trevor Dimoff, 2017

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