Emoji Girl

Emoji Girl

Trying to create a relationship with a woman who is more interested in her phone and her social media than in real people….

©  Trevor Dimoff, 2017



Verse 1
I met a sweet girl, seemed younger than I thought.

She smiled at my jokes but no other response.

Gave me her number, but doesn’t take my calls.

All I get is a sext, with just emoticons….



She says she heart’s me, I LOL!

Not much for conversation, and she can’t spell.

She thinks in pictures, talks with them too!

How do I get through to her? What should I do?



Oh-oh-oh-oh… Lovin’ an emoji girl

Oh-no-no-no… Lost in her emojis

Oh-oh-oh-oh… Lovin’ an emoji girl

Oh-no-no-no… She’s lost in her emoji world.


Verse 2

Playing in the shallow end is quickly growing thin.

A little harmless play, but I need something deeper.

Thought I was in love, I didn’t read the signs.

She’s fun to run with but … she’s not a keeper!







I need love advice,

I’m suddenly unsure.

How do I break up with her

Only using pictures?




©  Trevor Dimoff, 2017

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