Boys I’m Coming Home

Boys, I’m Coming Home…



Been years since I’ve been back in town.

Call all the boys, buy me a round.

Set ‘em up and knock ‘em down.

Boys, I’m coming home.

Boys, I’m coming home!


Verse 1

Volunteered for service, when I turned of age.

Best way out of a sleepy town, that would have been a cage.

Basic and a specialty, then my first pay grade.

In for twenty years, to see the world while getting paid.




Verse 2

Exotic destinations, sand in your kit.

Rehydrated rations always take like shit.

Don’t drink the water or the local wine.

Snafus and crazy regs will get you every time.




Verse 3

Tell me your stories of Brothers Under Fire.

Pass round the bottle, the truth will make me a liar!

Remember those distant friends, raise another toast.

Sing until tomorrow, sing until the Last Post!




Verse 4

Building in the ruins…planting better crops.

Driving back the Four Horsemen, so the madness stops!

When will the last generation fight the last war?

Find a peaceful justice, so we study war no more!


Chorus twice

What do you think about it?