Catch Me When I Fall


Verse 1

Help me paint my wings, I choose golden sunset red.

Tie them on when they are dry, put the helmet on my head.

I know the story of Icarus, that’s why I have some doubt.

Fly or fall, swim or sink, only one way to find out.

Lead me to the edge, looking down on the sky.

Push me off if I hesitate, ‘cus you know I can fly.

Dancing with the clouds, soaring through the air.

Only way to conquer fear, is to think that I don’t care!



Whisper me, warm me, help me don’t harm me.

Stand me up straight and tall.

Shiver me, shake me, bend me don’t break me,

And Catch Me When I Fall! (repeat chorus and add)

Will you catch me when I fall?


Verse 2

Gorgeous SeƱorita, smiling just for me.

Wondering what’s in store for you, when I’m more than you see.

Normal is as normal does, but I never learned the way,

Of blending in or hoping small, that’s not how I play.

Supernatural, super human, both those labels fit,

Harder, longer, faster, farther, I do all of it!

Under every constellation, is a dream from afar.

Steal a thought, make a wish, I’m your lucky star.



Instrumental Bridge


Verse 3

Heal my heart, bless my soul, chase the garbage from my brain.

Exercise my demons, lance the burn to drain my pain.

Slowly building up inside, got to let me scream and shout

If you’re going to help me grow, you’ll need to stretch me out.

Bounce me hard to shake it out, help me get it off my chest.

Shatter my illusions, to make me find my best.

Floating over gravity, positive conquers doubt,

Fixing former problems is what life is all about.



What do you think about it?